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Identity, Conflict and Representation Research Centre

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Welcome to the Identity, Conflict and Representation Research Centre (ICR). We are a dynamic research community made up of research active people, scholars and creative practitioners who are committed to developing high quality research within the University of Derby.

  • The Identity, Conflict & Representation (ICR) Research Centre was established in October 2004 as an informal platform for sharing research activities in the School of Humanities.
  • It was officially designated as a Research Group of the University of Derby in December 2006, and then, in January 2010 it was granted University Research Centre Status.
  • The ICR is a interdisciplinary Research Centre, made up of over thirty active researchers,
  • The ICR Research Centre runs a seminar series for the dissemination of research and scholarship, and provides the opportunity for both research students and academic colleagues to present papers and to test work in progress.
  • The ICR Research Centre has always sought to attract new post-graduate research students, whilst informing the curriculum and feeding into post-graduate initiatives at both Masters and M.Phil/PhD levels.

Since its formation, the ICR Research Centre has grown in terms of strength, number, achievement and output including:

  • A successful RAE outcome in Communications, Cultural and Film and Media Studies (achieving 25% world class reputation and 60% international reputation).
  • Hosting a one-day symposium on 16 May 2009 on Land and Identity, which attracted a hundred scholars and researchers from Britain, Europe and the United States. With a book of the papers published by Rodopi Press in 2012.
  • Affective Landscapes was held in May 2012 cohosted with Portsmouth University and held over two days.

ICR Director


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