Postgraduate research

In Humanities there are many opportunities for you to study for a research degree at PhD level in your chosen subject area. This can be in defined subjects, such as American Studies, English, History, Journalism, Media Studies or Creative Writing, or in interdisciplinary areas of study that interconnect across these established disciplines. We welcome innovative and original topics of research.

Traditional route or new route PhD?

A traditional route is a programme of research which normally takes between three to three and a half years full time study. You can choose to take it part time over a period of up to six years. The traditional route enables capable and qualified individuals to pursue an original research investigation into a chosen topic within a field of enquiry.

The new route is a programme of online taught modules to improve your research skills whilst you begin to consider and develop a research project guided by supervisors. It is designed to prepare you for research at the highest level. This route normally takes four years' full time study. You can choose to take it part time over a period of up to six years. This route will give you an MRes and a PhD if successful.

Theory/ Practice PhD

If you would like to do research involving the production of creative work or an invention (for examination) alongside a dissertation or thesis then it is possible to do a Theory/ Practice PhD. In Humanities this is most often in Creative Writing. In this situation the balance between theory and practice  is agreed by you and your director of studies. The practice element may comprise up to 80% of the total planned effort. Therefore the theory element should exceed 20%.
Theory Practice Regulations to be read alongside the Regulations for Traditional Route PhD.

Where do I do my research?

Students are associated with School's Research Centre:

International students

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How do I apply?

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