Lakiesha Kumari - University of Derby

Lakeisha Kumari, BA (Hons) History and Education Studies

The best thing about studying History at Derby

One main reasons I chose History at Derby was because of the modules available. I love modern history and that is exactly what Derby specialises in, so it was a perfect fit for me. From studying here, I have also found that Derby's History course offers many free trips as part of the course, which is fantastic as learning takes place in a variety of settings, not just lecture theatres. We have been to Manchester, London and various different country houses and museums to name a few. On top of this, my A-levels showed me that exams are perhaps not for me, so the fact that the course is assessed entirely through coursework sounded great!

As soon as I entered the university at an open day, I felt comfortable and at ease, so already Derby was at the top of my list. But after speaking to the lecturer’s and hearing their passion for History, I made up my mind that Derby was the university for me – and since studying here, I have found that the lecturer’s truly get to know every single student, so that everyone feels involved and included.

As well as this, the History society sounded so fun and far more engaging than other History societies I had heard about at other universities, and it definitely has been an amazing experience being a part of the society. They host a whole range of events for students to get involved in, from pub quizzes to film nights to themed parties, such as the 1920s ball. 

Amazing lecturers

To put it simply, my lecturers are amazing. They always respond to emails so quickly and are always happy to have one-to-one tutorials to go through essay plans or to help you find sources for your work. They constantly go out of their way to help us and to make sure we succeed, not only in our academic work, but in our general time at university also. Moreover, they notify us of events happening at the university, such as careers events or trips, so they truly do look out for us. They are so passionate and knowledgeable. When they’re discussing the subject, you really can see their enthusiasm and experience in teaching and practising History.

Engaging modules 

So far, I have loved every module that I have studied. The modules are always interesting as there is a range of assessments, from essays to presentations and from group work to weekly diaries; so although it is assessed entirely through coursework, this is in a variety of formats which keeps it interesting and challenging. Another reason I have enjoyed the modules is because the lectures are always interactive, they are never just the lecturer talking at you for hours – they constantly ask questions and get us to discuss ideas which makes the learning far more interesting.

In addition, each module covers a broad range of history, so whilst everyone is studying the same module, the amount of possible essay questions is endless. You can choose to specialise in cultural history whilst someone else could specialise in economic or political history – the variety is great as you never get bored! 

Choose Derby 

I would definitely recommend studying History at Derby and also, joint honours, as I have had a fantastic experience so far.

The modules are exciting and stimulating and always involve discussion, so you have the opportunity of hearing countless different views and opinions.

In addition, the lecturers are superb, since they truly do go out of their way to ensure we succeed - through emails, lectures and one-to-one or group tutorials; they even reply to emails throughout the holidays if you need any help with anything. Not only do they assist with academic work, but they constantly encourage and advise us about careers and work experience.

Lastly, the History society is fantastic as you get to know history students from all year groups and you get to see the lecturers in a much more relaxed setting, which is great for building a supportive cohort of students who are there for each other. 

“My lecturers are amazing and I have loved every module that I have studied.”