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Kiran Singh - BA (Hons) English Literature

Choosing Derby

I came to the University of Derby as a mature student, a mother of two and having resigned from a full time career. Having not studied for ten years - I wondered if Derby would be able to accommodate me and my needs, and more importantly, help to actually fulfil my aspirations - which were on a tight budget and even tighter time schedule!

Turning my passion into a career

I wanted to do a degree which would turn my lifelong passion for English Literature into a career. The university has given me the opportunity to explore the careers available in this field and to network with key people and institutions. My degree has also furnished me with a massively diverse skill set, which, I have now realised can be applied in a variety of vocations.

The degree programme itself is an excellent example of what undergraduate study should be. It helps you to learn the power of language and it is so much more than just literature; its philosophy, anthropology, psychology, history, sociology.

A Supportive Network

The lecturers are experts in their field; it is like having a ‘real life’ source at your finger- tips, yet, they remain approachable. The debates in seminars are intellectually stimulating and challenging and the lecturers help you to understand your potential, which is exactly what you need at university level.

Extra Opportunities

I have taken advantage of many opportunities at university, such as becoming the editor of the university student magazine, and I have also formed the Literary Society for students. I have taken skills from these roles which have helped me on many levels, for example communication and organisation, which I have finely tuned whilst undertaking these positions.


The University of Derby is a place in which your potential has the opportunity, capacity and facilities to flourish. It has been a life changing experience.

Coming here has been like realising there is a whole new world out there. I have, of course, developed intellectually by doing my degree but more importantly, I have developed as a person.

Kiran Singh "The lecturers are experts in their field; it is like having a ‘real life’ source at your finger- tips, yet, they remain approachable."