Bram Stoker's 'Dracula'

We are delighted to announce the publication of the University of Derby's exclusive edition of Bram Stoker’s Dracula - the classic tales of vampire, horror, and mystery. 

Dracula book cover

This brand new unique edition reproduces Stoker’s original text, along with five short essays by Derby lecturers from the subject areas of English, Creative Writing, and Publishing to help place its historical and cultural context.

So, if you’re coming to study English, or Literature, you’ll be able to read an essay by Dr Robin Sims on all of the ambiguities and hidden meanings of the text.

If you’re interested in Creative Writing you’ll be able to read essays by Dr Simon Heywood, on the whole background to the idea of ‘the walking dead’ in the English tradition, and by Moy McCrory on the female in body and text.

From a Publishing point of view, Dr David Barker traces the book’s long publication history over the last 120 years, and Dr Matt Cheeseman looks at adaptations, and the fact that he once, literally, held Dracula’s fangs in his hand.

The backstory

The idea was to bring Dracula – fangs and all – to life for a whole new young audience and to welcome our new students in September, we will be sending a free copy of the book as soon as it’s published. You can then enjoy some dicussion events and a special Hallowe’en lecture when you join us later in the year. 

Image of Alistair Hodge

The whole idea is to welcome you to the university and give you a real talking point with your fellow new students and the lecturers who have written the prefatory essays.

Alistair Hodge
Head of School of Humanities and Journalism

Student input

The book could not have been created without the support of some of our fantastic students.

Callum Willis, a second-year Writing and Publishing student, composed the back cover text; Christina Vassell, a third-year English student, proofread the whole book; and Chloe Birkin, who studies MA Publishing designed the stunning front cover.

The book is published by the university’s very own publishing house, Peregrine Publishing.

Staff and students at the Dracula book launch
Staff and students at the Dracula book launch