Evie Wisnieska - Meet our students - University of Derby

Evie Wisniewska, BA (Hons) International Tourism Management

What appealed to me about tourism in Derby

Tourism is such a wide industry it allows me to experience many things before actually making a set decision of what I want to do in my life and it doesn't restrict me. When I came to the open day I realised something and I asked myself 'how amazing would it be to study tourism management in such a beautiful visitor attraction as the Devonshire Dome?’

There is nothing better than this, this all links to the experiential learning that the University of Derby provides. When speaking to the lecturers at the open day I knew for sure that I wanted to be here as I am more practical with my learning and I don't like to be sitting and reading out of books all the time. 


As well as my studies I have also been highly involved with the University and completed a Recognition Futures Award both in Social Media and in Volunteering where I volunteered for the Buxton Town Team and carried out research for them. I have also completed the High Fliers programme where I learnt how to successfully apply for jobs including a mock assessment centre with Monarch Airlines.

Travel opportunities 

Studying tourism also does mean that if an opportunity arises to travel I want to do it. Going to South Korea has been one of the biggest highlights of my first year at university as it gave me the cultural experience of South Korea as well as China.

The fact that I am so interested in tourism has influenced my experience in South Korea due to the fact that I could identify straight away what tourism developments could be implemented to make the country more appealing to tourists.

The trip to South Korea also influenced my studies when I returned home and I believe it has taught me a lot of new skills. Whilst in South Korea I made friends with people from different countries including Malaysia, China, Uzbekistan and South Korea itself meaning I am already creating a network of contacts for myself which is very important for me as I don’t know what my future career will be. I have also gained international exposure from this trip which I believe is something that can be beneficial for me when applying for future jobs as it shows that I am culturally aware. 

Living and studying in Buxton 

Buxton is a beautiful small village. It is a very calm and relaxing town however when you are at university it is really busy meaning that you get the balance here. Buxton also has a lot of vintage cafes and bars which totally change your experience here. From a tourism student perspective it is amazing to be studying on the doorstep of the Peak District National Park as you get to see visitor's behaviour and motivations.  

What would your dream job be?

At the moment I do not have a dream career that I would like to pursue. I am very interested in project management and product development as well as consumer behaviour however as this year has started I realised that I am interested in anything that I have a hands on experience with. I have always said to myself that my dream job would be somewhere where I could be myself and use my passion and enthusiasm to be happy and efficient in my work position. I am up for any challenges and can be easily engaged in a topic meaning that choosing a career may be a little bit difficult and at this point in life I already have to start making these decisions. 

What I would say to others

If you are considering studying tourism at the University of Derby I wouldn't even think twice! I have loved my experience so far as it is so experiential, you are not just sat in a classroom - you are out there experiencing tourism which is the way studying tourism should be.

One factor that made me decide on studying here was the fact that you would be studying at the Buxton campus which is on the doorstep of a huge National Park - the Peak District. What better can you get than studying in a national park and in a visitor attraction of the Devonshire Dome? I asked myself this question and I already knew the answer, you can't get better than this as a tourism student. 


“The trip to South Korea influenced my studies and helped me to gain international exposure and contacts.”