An international experience

Derby Law School has an extensive network of global associates and partners, including some overseas franchises. These help us to ensure our knowledge and experience, and therefore our curriculums, are truly international.

This means you will make an impact, no matter which part of the world your career takes you to.

International students

Derby Law School students come from all over the world – over 120 countries in fact. From India, China and Nigeria to Greece, Canada and Spain to name but a few.

Across the University, we have nearly 1,700 international students studying with us, and they all enjoy Derby’s friendly and supportive atmosphere.

If you are an international student, here's what we have to offer:

Exchange opportunities and overseas visits

You can take part in exchanges with countries as diverse as South Africa and Sweden, as well as overseas study tours and opportunities to visit the USItaly and Indonesia.

These are a great opportunity to gain a new perspective on your subject, experience different cultures and see more of the world.