Susan Henesy - Undergraduate - University of Derby

Susan Henesy, HND in Business and Management and BA (Hons) Business Management

Choosing Business Management at Derby

I didn’t believe I could do a degree, but after talking to one of the lecturers at Derby she made me believe I could, so I did one module to start on the HND in Business Management, and from there I progressed to a first class honours degree in Business Management!

How part-time study benefitted me

I had a full time job and four children.  When I started my degree they were aged between about 15 and 20, so not small, but still young enough to need me to be around. 

My oldest daughter was at University when I started my degree, and over the course of the next three or four years all the others won places to Universities which spurred me on to progress from my HND to do the full BA degree and also graduate before my youngest daughter, so that became my challenge! 

All through my degree I felt if they could do it so young and away from home, I could do it too.  This was the only way I could actually do the degree from a time management perspective.

My personal highlights

I had many highlights during my time at Derby including making new friends but now, when I go into meetings, they make sense.  Before I did the degree, when I took minutes, I didn’t really understand the business need or methods behind decisions, so now I can have a much better grasp of why things are being done and what the outcomes may be.

Everyone - colleagues, students and lecturers has been amazingly supportive during my degree.

Benefitting from my studies

I would like to use my degree to work in a role that utilises my experience as a PA whilst allowing me to embed and develop the knowledge I have learned to improve my ability to fulfil my job.  My job as a PA has also become more interesting as I have a greater understanding of the business.  

What I would say to other students interested in studying Business at Derby

Do it, I had no belief that I could.  It was over 30 years since I had done any kind of academic study, but by taking small steps, one or two modules at a time, I really have enjoyed my time and experiences as a student here.

“Everyone - colleagues, students and lecturers has been amazingly supportive during my degree.”