Paul Nyatsuro - Undergraduate - University of Derby

Paul Nyatsuro

Paul Nyatsuro - Business Management

"Derby is a progressive university with very high ambitions. Its rise in the university league tables tells a story that does not need any further explanation!” – Paul Nyatsuro

As a practising clinician with almost ten years’ experience in healthcare under his belt, Paul Nyatsuro decided a business degree would open new doors and take him further up the career ladder.

He has not looked back since. Even before completing his BA (Hons) Business Management at the University of Derby, he had landed a new role as Lead Clinical Adviser with the Advanced Computer Software Group.

He puts his job success down to the ‘real-world’ relevance of his course which covered “all the things expected of a modern manager”. 

An added bonus was the fact that his degree was accredited by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). “The combination of a CMI qualification and a degree was no-brainer. CMI qualifications are increasingly recognised for those who wish to pursue management and leadership,” he explains.

Paul deliberately chose his course modules – from Improving Business Performance to Delivering a Winning Project – to boost his employability profile within his industry.

“I yearned to know ‘the in things’ and I chose real case studies throughout my studies. After my job interview, I was told that my module choices helped me stand out because they were so practical and focused on the corporate world,” he recalls.

Paul was a perfect match for his employers, who were looking for someone who combined good business sense with knowledge of the healthcare industry. Advanced Computer Software is a leading provider of software and IT services to help organisations drive growth. Working for its healthcare division, Paul is the lead advisor for all clinical products and works closely with NHS organisations to help them deliver savings, improve efficiency and cut out waste through the use of technology.

Studying at the University of Derby was an ideal preparation for the role. Even the case study which he chose for his Project Management module was focused on an IT project.

He still harnesses that knowledge every day in his working life – whether using his studies in Macro-economics to inform his arguments or adopting decision-making strategies he developed at Derby. He stresses: “What you learn is real and is used out there in real business practice.”

Other major attractions of the course were the guest lectures and industry visits. “I took them very seriously because they represented the ‘real stuff’, while I was studying the theory,” he comments. “Modules such as Logistics were followed by trips to DHL, which opened my eyes to the realities of today’s business world.”

Paul is also full of praise for the “very supportive and approachable” lecturers.  “You could not wish for better lecturers. They have extensive industry experience and often linked the theory to practice, which was very helpful.”

Even those elements of the course which initially appeared challenging turned out to have their advantages. He admits: “At first I thought the lecturers were being harsh in demanding that we meet tight schedules but actually these conditioned me to be a better employee. At work, I must deliver to time or else I let the whole team down.”

Having graduated in 2014, Paul is now concentrating on consolidating his work experience before embarking on his “next academic adventure” – probably an MBA. “I have no doubt I will be pursuing further studies with the University of Derby on a part-time basis.”

He concludes: “I would certainly recommend the University of Derby to anyone: it’s a progressive university with very high ambitions. Its rise in the university league tables tells a story that does not need any further explanation!”