Molly Flynn - Undergraduate - University of Derby

Molly Flynn, HND in Business and Management

Molly Flynn has not looked back since attending a University of Derby open day. 

“I hadn’t done as well as I’d hoped in my A-levels because I find exams very stressful and I wasn’t quite sure what direction to take,” she admits. “But the open day had a massive impact on me.”

That trip to Derby from her home town of Leeds turned out to be the start of a whole new chapter for Molly. She has since achieved a HND in Business and Management with distinction and is embarking on another year of study to gain a full honours degree. She now even assists at University open days to inspire the students following in her footsteps.

“I was amazed by how welcoming and supportive everyone was that day,” she explains. “I just knew Derby was the place for me. The city has everything you could want as a student, but on a small and friendly scale. And in my time at the University, I’ve seen its reputation grow so that it’s now in the top 50 in the country.” 

For Molly, the HND course was equally eye-opening, with fact-finding visits to major companies such as JCB and Bombardier as well as the chance to learn more about the challenges of running a start-up enterprise through Simventure.

While the lack of exams on the HND was a distinct advantage for her, she found herself tackling challenging projects – such as giving presentations – from the outset.  “It was daunting at first but I thought that, if I’m going to make a success in business, I have to do it. Now I feel quite confident speaking to a room full of people."

“I can’t stress enough how supportive and approachable the lecturers have been. They take time out to discover your strengths and the areas you need to work on. You just have this sense that they believe in you.”

Apart from her contributions to open days, Molly is also giving something back to the University by taking part in the Undergraduate Research Scholarship Scheme. Her project is exploring the effectiveness of video feedback on deep learning and surface learning. Her findings will now be used to shape future developments in teaching and learning.

Her next step is to complete a final year at the University to gain a full honours degree in Business and HRM, after which she hopes to pursue a career in the HR field. 

“I can’t stress enough how supportive and approachable the lecturers have been.”