Martin Donaldson - Undergraduate - University of Derby

Martin Donaldson, BA (Hons) Marketing, PR and Advertising

A varied degree course

I enjoyed the variety of the course I did, especially as I was able to mix it with Sport and Exercise for my first 2 years. The fact that the course included creativity within copywriting was useful, but at the same time the more managerial style modules and marketing strategy helped me in my job whilst at University, as I was able to put internal marketing strategy into practice in my managerial role.

My career progression

My current job title is Digital Marketing and Social Media Assessor for 3aaa. I travel around Derbyshire visiting apprentices and their employers, and assess the work they are doing as part of their apprenticeship, and the way they are linking it to what they do in the workplace. I truly feel it’s the best job ever!

Without my degree I wouldn’t have been able to get to this position. I realised that Digital Marketing management was the area I wanted to go into, so used my degree to get me into a voluntary position as a local Squash and Racketball Club’s Social Media Marketing Manager. I was doing that for around 18 months, which helped me get into a role within Sky, managing a team of advisors who listened to content on social media and responded to Twitter/Facebook posts in line with Sky’s CRM strategy.

This experience then led me to a role within 3aaa, where I now assess apprentices on the work they do in line with my experiences. I give them support and advice, mark assignments, deliver training sessions and often give ideas to marketing managers for improvements to their digital marketing strategy!

A supportive network

I got a good amount of support from staff. Dave Longbottom was brilliant, and always made himself available when I needed support. Hildegard Wiesehofer-Climpson offered a lot of support too.

I had a family bereavement whilst in my final year and I know that without the support from my lecturers I wouldn’t have been able to get through this time. I was able to get all of the support that I needed and as a result I was a highly motivated student which meant that I got everything done on time and to a good standard too as I achieved a first class degree.

Martin Donaldson “I was able to get all of the support that I needed and as a result I was a highly motivated student”