Louisa Hampson - Undergraduate - University of Derby

Louisa Hampson, BA (Hons) Marketing, PR and Advertising

The best thing about studying Marketing at Derby

There isn’t one best thing - there are many! I met so many people I now consider friends for life. Many of the lecturers were like mentors, they really supported me throughout the course and spurred me on to achieve my goals. I stay in touch with some of them now. The passion they have for marketing rubs off on you. Their industry experience helps make the course more vocational and less theory based too.

Choosing Derby

Choosing to go to university was a life changing decision for me, as the job options I had available as a single parent were limited. I’ve also made some fantastic memories - there is nothing I regret about choosing Derby for my marketing degree.

Supportive staff

When I initially started at Derby, I was worried that I’d find the workload unmanageable. I was juggling part time work with looking after a young child, so adding a degree to the mix seemed it could be one spinning plate too many!

What I hadn’t banked on was the warmth and empathy that my lecturers had for my situation. Just knowing the support was there and I could knock on their door for a chat and to let off steam… that made all the difference. So many people went above and beyond to extend their support - it just goes to show what you can achieve when you have a solid network behind you!

Helping my career progression

After getting my degree classification in July, I managed to go straight into a very exciting and challenging role as a social media executive for a household name. There is no doubt that I would never have been in a position to apply for it if I didn’t have a good degree to back my industry knowledge up.

Since then, in every role I’ve progressed into - from a marketing manager to teaching the subject - my degree has always played a massive part during the interview process (and in the workplace today). I still find myself referring to ‘that tutorial in Public Relations’ or giving my students an industry example of branding which I recalled from a lecture! It’s amazing what you absorb during your time at university.

My dream job

Since my time as a student of the University of Derby, I always wanted to go into lecturing. I even came back to derby to do a guest lecture on social media to third year students.

I recently managed to land my dream job as a Digital Marketing NVQ assessor for 3aaa (Aspire Achieve Advance) who are rated as an outstanding training provider by Ofsted.

If I’m honest I never knew such a job existed! I work alongside other industry experts to give support and train 16-24 year olds how to be competent in all aspects of digital marketing NVQ level 3 and 4. Every day is different: I visit a wide range of employers, because we have apprentices in so many varied and interesting industries - and it is a genuinely rewarding job educating young people about a subject you love!

I never fully understood it when people used the phrase ‘it’s not a job, it’s a vocation,’ but this is 100% my vocation!

Louisa Hampson “So many people went above and beyond to extend their support - it just goes to show what you can achieve when you have a solid network behind you!”