Kelly McHugh - Undergraduate - University of Derby


Derby Business School Student Profiles Kelly McHugh

“University opened my eyes; I met so many different people from different walks of life”
– Kelly McHugh

Kelly studied BA (Hons) Marketing (which has now changed to BA (Hons) Marketing and Brand Management.

Marketing management at Derby

After graduating from the University of Derby I began my career in marketing at Derby City Council as the Marketing Officer for Sport and Leisure. After two years in this role I then progressed to Marketing Executive for Public Transport at East Midlands Airport.

As part of my degree I went on work placement as a Marketing Assistant at a marketing agency in Derby, which gave me a real insight into the working environment and boosted my confidence. In my final year I also took the CIM Postgraduate exams alongside my final year exams. This was an extra advantage of studying at Derby, as the university is an accredited CIM study centre.

The benefits of the course

The course was well structured and lived up to my expectations. The staff were very supportive and I built up some good relationships with my tutors. University opened my eyes. I met so many different people from different walks of life. It made me 'grow up', as I had to look after myself, make time for my studying, manage my finances and develop the skills to live with other people and interact  socially. All these things I've welcomed and they've made me the person I am today.

My advice for university

University is about developing yourself, so make the most of it!  Have fun, meet new people and enjoy every minute. Go to the student nights - you won't have an opportunity like that again - but don't forget to study! 

I feel I've been lucky with my career to date, but I also feel it's what you put into it that counts. You have to work hard if you want to achieve, so get yourself out there.