Jordan Boam - Undergraduate - University of Derby


Jordan Boam

“I really enjoy the mix between IT and Business as it gives me a broad knowledge of many areas and the opportunity to study those that interest me the most. ”
– Jordan Boam

Choosing Derby

The Derby Business school is ranked highly amongst many other universities, showing that the department clearly offer a good quality of education and this was a key influence on my decision. There is also a strong presence of many large businesses located in the area.

The compact city centre really appealed to me too because it has everything I need but at the same time it's easy to get out into the countryside to train for my sport which is not possible at many other universities.

A great study experience

There has been a wide variety of trips visiting many large companies in and around the city which have given me an insight into businesses and how they run. The ITMB North event in Manchester gave me an opportunity to learn about and speak to many employers, some of which could be somewhere I work during my placement year/after graduation.

I really enjoy the mix between IT and Business as it gives me a broad knowledge of many areas and the opportunity to study those that interest me the most.

The support from staff at Derby has been good, especially in the small group sessions where they interact with everyone to ensure we all understand and give constructive feedback.

My interest in sport

I started swimming at a very young age but not competitively and also started running competitively in cross-country races. I quickly joined my local club, Mansfield Harriers, allowing me to take part in many other competitions and still run with the club today.

When I was 14, I found out about a triathlon club who train less than a mile from my house. Cycling was something that I had always enjoyed in my spare time so I decided to go to a session and try it out. I liked the idea of doing 3 of my favourite sports as one as well as a new challenge. I soon joined the Mansfield Triathlon Club and have never looked back since. I did not expect to be competing for Team GB in the European Duathlon championships just four years later.

Combining sport with my studies

I train with the university athletics team at Moorways Stadium twice a week which is of great benefit to my running. I use the Team Derby gym which has everything I need for strength and conditioning training.

I have loved sport my entire life and I find it an important part of who I am. It allows me to keep challenging myself outside of education to improve and do the very best I can. I feel that motivation in sport and education are closely linked, so my determination to succeed is transferable between sport, education and other aspects of life. As well as enjoying my sport it keeps me healthy and gives me the chance to meet many new people which all adds to the experience.


I would recommend a degree at Derby. On top of all of the content you are taught, the university provide several opportunities to link with employers and find out how real businesses work.

Studying my degree is helping to give me some more direction for my future whereas before it was very broad. I am constantly taught new knowledge relevant to the world of business and IT as well as my own findings in research. The modules are tailored to what you need to know for the course which helps to give you direction for your future career.