Jessica Sewell - Undergraduate - University of Derby

Jessica Sewell - BA (Hons) Marketing (PR and Advertising)

Why I chose marketing at Derby

The best thing for me about studying marketing at the University of Derby was the convenience and close proximity to home. The smaller class sizes there meant I had more time to ask questions and receive the support needed, I don’t think in a larger class size I would have had the same confidence and I think the degree classification I received could have suffered.

Reducing my costs by living at home and being able to work locally meant that I could focus more on my studies which again had a positive outcome with my grade. I think it was an advantage to study in the area that I wanted to work in post degree as well – employers are more confident you are going to commit to them.

Helping me to get noticed

My degree provides proof to potential employers that I can stick at something that I am of reasonable intelligence, that I can work independently and that I am ambitious and focused.  As I have worked in marketing roles since leaving uni it has also provided useful tools and knowledge to bring into the companies concerned to enhance their marketing strategy.

Incredible staff support

The support I received at Derby was incredible. The staff are friendly, approachable and knowledgeable. Whatever the question they will endeavour to help you find a solution that is right for you. I spent my first year at a different university and in comparison I felt very lonely, isolated and dis-connected with the staff there – it was refreshing to switch to Derby and receive the support and practical assistance I needed to achieve my degree.

My career

Since leaving the University of Derby I have had 3 roles. Firstly as Marketing Assistant at Bowler Energy and then moving on to work at UKTI,  a government department where I was the International Services Coordinator working in the Partnership Development team.

I now work for Ritchie Brothers Auctioneers, the world’s largest industrial auctioneer, where I am the Regional Sales and Marketing Assistant for the UK and Ireland. At Ritchie Brothers I am responsible for all the marketing including advertising, PR, lead generation campaigns and social media. I am also responsible for a sales team of ten people, ensuring they have all the materials they need to promote the company and attract the buyers and sellers.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the University of Derby and I would recommend anyone thinking of going to study there to go and take a look around, speak to the staff and students and really get a feel for the university itself. You will not regret your decision to study there.