Izzy Wisniewska - Undergraduate - University of Derby

Izzy Wisniewska, BA (Hons) Marketing and Advertising Management

The best thing about studying Marketing at Derby

I can name more than one thing, that’s for sure!

I absolutely loved the real life examples we looked at, so we could experience “real world marketing”. We have been given opportunities to work with people from such great companies as Ford and Derby Theatre. I remember for one semester we got to work with Mr. John Batty, the director of Blue John Marketing. It doesn’t get more “real world” than that.

Inspiring teaching

I think the teaching methods used were great as well. At the tutorials and seminars, we created real marketing and advertising campaigns, again working on examples of real companies. I remember in my first year being really surprised that our course hardly had any exams, but after completing my degree I think that it’s a much better way to teach students. When you have to create PR or Advertising campaigns for your coursework, you are forced to think outside the box. You are learning how to think creatively, and I think that’s much better than traditional exams, because you are doing a real, tangible thing.

Another plus was the flexibility, and the support I got from the majority of my lecturers, both of which helped me with my career at the time. The lecturer’s advice will help me later on in my career as well.

Helping me with my career

Simply put, I wouldn’t be where I am now if I wasn’t a marketing student at Derby.

I was very determined to find a job in Marketing while I was studying because I wanted to get experience, as soon as possible. After a month of sending out CVs, I got invited for an interview at Bootcamp Media Ltd, a digital design and online marketing agency in Birmingham.

To be completely honest, even in my dreams, I did not think that I would get the job. “At least I will see what the interview is like”, I thought. But I got it. I got a job as an Outreach Specialist. My studies helped a lot because as a marketing student I knew already how the industry works.

I also cannot fail to mention some amazing people I met at Bootcamp Media. I know for a fact that if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be where I am now.

My boss, Jimi, never had any problems regarding the hours I had to spend at University. If I had to miss a day at work because of University, it was never a problem. I could not wish for a better company to work for, and for a better boss.

I also learned a great deal from Mr. Tom Black, the Head of Search at Bootcamp Media as he taught me everything he knows. We spent hours even outside of work chatting about SEO and Online Marketing. Again, I know for the fact, if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be writing this success story now. This success is actually shared between both of us.

My career

I am still working in Online Marketing, and love it.

I just finished my course, and I already have nearly two years’ worth of experience working in Marketing.

I have done a lot of additional training. For example, I became a Link Research Tools Associate, and I completed a few Google Courses: Google Analytics Platform Principles, Making sense of Data course, Ecommerce Analytics from Data to Decisions . I am also preparing for a Google AdWords Exam.

I am attending many conferences , such as the very exclusive SEOktoberfest last year, and BrightonSEO in April 2015, which I’ll be attending again in September.

A supportive network

Lecturers from the University of Derby, such as Dr. David Longbottom and Ian Churm, helped a lot. They spent their own, private time with me for one to one tutorials. If I missed a class because of work, they did not make a big fuss about it. For that, I am very thankful.

The same goes for Dr Alison Lawson, and my dissertation supervisor Maria Potempski, they were both very accommodating; these women are angels and I am very grateful to them.

I also got great support from my Consumer Behaviour lecturer, Mrs Hildegard Wiesehofer-Climpson, whose classes I really enjoyed, and Mr Nick Turner.

Izzy Wisniewska “At the tutorials and seminars, we created real marketing and advertising campaigns, working on examples of real companies.”