Gillian Hatch - Undergraduate - University of Derby


Derby Business School Student Profiles Gillian Hatch

“Throughout the course we used real life case studies and company examples in lectures and tutorials, which really brought marketing to life and relevant to the working world”
– Gillian Hatch

Gillian graduated with a first-class honours degree in BA (Hons) Marketing, and now works as a Market Research Analyst at Griffith Laboratories.

Why I chose to study at Derby

I relocated to Derby, having completed my school education in Scotland. Despite having had ME for several years as a child, my sheer determination to achieve meant I had obtained the qualifications necessary for me to commence University at the age of 17. However, I decided to work for a few years to settle in the area and evaluate the local universities in the area. Having visited several universities I decided to study at Derby as they demonstrated a great personal experience and interest in their students. This was important to me, as I have had a challenging path in my education due to health difficulties.

Bringing marketing to life

The course itself was fascinating, and there is an excellent array of modules covered across all three stages. I enjoyed all of the modules on the course, however, I found Marketing Communications and Branding, Consumer Behaviour and Sustainability and Ethics in Marketing particularly interesting due to my personal interest in these subject areas and their significance to the world today.
Throughout the course we used real life case studies and company examples in lectures and tutorials, which really brought marketing to life and relevant to the working world. It also gave me a good idea of what the future may hold in terms of my career after graduating.

My career

With the combination of my previous work experience in the events industry, and my excellent degree from Derby, I was successful in being offered a job with Griffith Laboratories, a worldwide food ingredients manufacturer, who have a site based in Derbyshire. I am sure that my determination and passion for success in the marketing world helped me obtain this job, which I thoroughly enjoy. My course has been put to good use in my role as I am able to draw upon the knowledge from my degree on a daily basis.

The ultimate high

Working on my dissertation in the final year, was the ultimate high. From choosing the topic, to planning, researching and providing a balanced argument, the whole project was an incredible experience for me, which I would highly recommend. I will never forget the day I handed in my dissertation, it was the greatest feeling.

Students are the priority

I found the lecturers at Derby to be incredibly supportive. They are always available to speak to you and they operate with an open door policy. If they are busy teaching, then they will endeavour to get back to you by phone or email as students really are their priority. I would definitely recommend studying at Derby as they are so focused on what is best for you, the student, and the support they offer is incredible. The combination of the course, the experience you get from Derby and your own hard work, the world really is your Oyster!

With the incredible determination that I had developed and the support of the lecturers, I managed to graduate with a first class honours degree in Marketing.