Fahad Khalil - Undergraduate - University of Derby


Derby Business School Student Profiles Farad Khalil

“The big reward we get is major exemptions from accounting's biggest professional bodies, ACCA and CIMA”
Fahad Khalil

Fahad, who is from Pakistan, is studying BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance.

On my way to becoming a qualified accountant

The degree is very helpful and important for my future career plans. It gives me exemptions from the professional qulaifications from two of the biggest professional accounting bodies - ACCA and CIMA, which means I can become a qualified accountant quicker. The way the degree has been structured makes it easy to get to grips with all kinds of subject areas.

About the teaching staff

Tutors are always there for me and have been a great help in academic studies. They are very motivating, and if I struggle there is always support available in form of tutorials or asking the tutor by email or face to face.


The facilities here are great. The library has loads of accounting and finance books. There is a massive collection of journals as well which helps a lot. Waterstone's at the Kedleston Road site sells all the core textbooks too.

Life outside of study

There is lots of stuff like the sports clubs and societies. You can easily build a social network and enjoy leisure time along with your studies. I'm a member of the University's International Society - we have different events and also meet people from different cultures which is a big plus. Going out with these groups and discovering Derby has been really fun for me.

Life changing experiences

You have to give a lot - especially for three hour written exams along with written coursework. The big reward we get is major exemptions from the biggest professional bodies, ACCA and CIMA, which helps my career.

Derby has been a real life changing experience for me and along with gaining academic credits I am enjoying my time here a lot. I moved from Nottingham to Derby which is much quieter and more student friendly as well.