Tatenda Musekiwa - Postgraduate - University of Derby


Tatenda Musekiwa Profile

For MSc Accounting and Finance student Tatenda Musekiwa, the high quality of teaching is the major plus point about studying at the University of Derby.

“Lecturers on the MSc leave no stone unturned and explain the concepts thoroughly and clearly,”  he says. “They also inspire you with real up-to-date case studies as well as the knowledge and understanding they have gained from their own careers in industry. Throughout, they are very supportive and friendly. We are on first name terms with all our lecturers, so feel very comfortable communicating with them about anything.”

Tatenda, who is now working as Interim Finance Manager at Mickleover Sports FC in Derby while completing his  ACCA professional exams, decided to progress straight to the MSc after graduating from the University in 2013. In particular, he wanted to further his understanding of financial markets and economics to strengthen his prospects of a career in banking and finance.

Of his MSc experience, he explains: “The workload is much more intensive. Every lecture has added to and polished the knowledge I acquired on my first degree. It has given me a better understanding of key concepts and introduced new insights into areas such as the implications of taxation and time value of money.

“Doing the MSc really opened my eyes: I didn't just know how to do the calculations but also understood why I do the calculations and how the variables can affect business decisions.”

Tatenda especially appreciated the chance to explore real-world case studies as part of the course – including a detailed look at Ryanair, dissecting every aspect of its operations. Another highlight for him was a residential teamwork and leadership building course.