Robert Davidson - Postgraduate - University of Derby


Derby Business School Student Profiles Robert Davidson

“My MBA has been invaluable in that I think much more strategically, do much better research and can see work flows and how they affect other functions within the business”
– Robert Davidson

Robert studied the MBA and now works as Office and Project Manager at ITSec Ltd in Leicester.

After 30 years of employment ...

I left secondary school in 1978 with two A levels and went straight to work. I was acutely aware of the need to improve my qualifications to match my experience throughout my career, but time never allowed me to do anything more.

In my last job I worked at a relatively high level alongside business leaders and accountants and I was very aware of my lack of depth of knowledge and my personal inability to question other points of view particularly from highly educated colleagues.

Having then been made redundant I  felt that this was my golden opportunity, and chance of a life time, to return to education to progress my career.

Studying the MBA at Derby

The course was amazing, I truly studied along another higher path which helped me personally and in my professional career. I studied financial management, HR management and how to improve staff, marketing, operations management, project management and entrepreneurial management.

The most interesting modules were around the subject of strategic management and leading strategic change. All the modules I studied were up to date and relevant not only to my previous but also to my future roles. They put everything in context and have taught me about the recession and how to change and adapt in this rapidly moving business world.

Going on the residential helped me to get to know the other students in my group and make some friendships across continents and faiths.

Why choose Derby?

The main reason I decided to study at Derby was because the MBA starts in January as well as September. But for me, the most important part of the whole process was the fact that we were actually being taught as well as being guided through the degree. Without exception all the lecturers I met were friendly and approachable and all showed a belief in me that I would succeed.

At my first visit to the University I was introduced to the right members of staff and, even at that point, they were all positive and really opened my eyes, and inner belief, to achieving my potential.

I was elected by my group to be their Management Masters Representative while I was stuyding. By getting involved I felt that I was able to put something back.

My new job

I manage the office making sure the facilities are up to scratch, managing the administration of the office and supporting the National Sales Manager and also Company Accountant. I report directly to the Managing Director and bring together any project teams required principally for new business streams.

In my first year I brought in three new projects, two of which earned the company immediate profits. I have very recently looked at our product range strategically and by making small changes to one product and marketing it in a different way have opened up a completely new market and the product is predicted to quadruple profits.

Would I recommend studying at Derby? Of course!

Studying the MBA has been a very steep learning curve - learning how to study, writing in a "masterly" way, reading books and articles in a "critical" manner and sacrificing time to getting the coursework done. It's rewarding overcoming the challenges and it's great making the friendships and connections when you study here.

My MBA has been invaluable in that I think much more strategically, do much better research and can see work flows and how they affect other functions within the business. I am now able to write reports and do research at a much higher level making me more attractive to employers.