Phillip Dangerfield - Postgraduate - University of Derby


Derby Business School Student Profiles Phillip Dangerfield

“The lecturers' knowledge of the subject area, and around it, is of a very high standard.  They constantly use examples, often from their own experience, to enable a greater understanding of a viewpoint or a theory”
– Phillip Dangerfield

Phillip Dangerfield studied his joint honours degree at Derby and has now continued to the Masters in Human Resource Management.

A professional qualification will help my career

I knew that a Masters in Human Resource Management would help me because it's CIPD accredited. This provides me with greater career opportunities as the professional qualification is vital for a successful career in HR. I also felt that by completing my masters I'd have an advantage over other job seekers, and a much deeper understanding of HR issues in industry. 

A global experience that's helped my learning

The course has been really interesting and has opened my eyes to many new views and opinions on a range of issues.  I've studied some fascinating modules relating to performance management, strategic management, training and development, and HRM in context.  International HRM has been especially interesting.  There are students on the course from lots of different countries and we hear how business is conducted in other areas of the world.  Being presented with different cultural perspectives allows for a much wider understanding of the subject.

Bringing learning to life

The lecturers are all very friendly and approachable, and will do as much as they can to help overcome any issues.  Their knowledge of the subject area, and around it, is of a very high standard.  They constantly use examples, often from their own experience, to enable a greater understanding of a viewpoint or a theory.

There was a residential after the first few weeks of the course which was a great way to get to know the other students whilst also providing practical experience of management.  It taught me a lot about managing people and, importantly, gave me an insight into my own potential. 

The way the course is run enables students to get to know each other as there's a lot of group work involved and so it's essential to integrate with other people from all over the globe.  There are also a number of events set up by the University that allow you to meet new people and make new friends. 

The knowledge and experience I'm gaining whilst completing this course are helping me realise my true potential.  It's pushing me to my boundaries and even producing new ones that I never thought I could reach! 

The highs and lows

The most challenging aspect of the course is the constant workload.  You have to keep with the pace if you want to succeed as there's a lot of work to complete and reading around subjects to do.  However, if you put the effort in it's very rewarding to see a high grade come back. And a greater understanding of the subject is rewarding in itself.  There's also the challenge to progress to a 'masterly' way of writing assignments and reports as you have to be a lot more critical than at undergraduate level, which involves a large amount of reading around the subject. 

Despite all of this it's rewarding as you're put to the test in a number of ways, just as you would be in the work place.  It's very rewarding to overcome these challenges and by doing this you begin to understand your true potential. 

Would I recommend Derby?

I'd recommend the University of Derby for anyone wanting to study a masters degree.  You learn in a warm and friendly atmosphere whilst being challenged to achieve your potential.  The staff are really supportive. The resources within the University are ample and all up-to-date. 

The big seller to me, though, is how the lecturers put everything into context, so you get a much greater understanding of the subject area.  Also, the course provides networking opportunities and connections can be made to help your future career!