Monika Stepien - Postgraduate - University of Derby


Derby Business School Student Profiles Monika Stepien

“The broad scope of knowledge and practical skills gained from the course makes it a once in a life time experience”
– Monika Stepien

Monika is from Poland and is studying MSc Human Resource Management

The masters qualification will help my career

After recently completing my undergraduate degree at Derby I now work for Lloyds TSB, in which I have learnt the importance of HR. I started my MSc to provide me with the advanced leadership, managerial and organisational knowledge necessary to be a HR professional.

Fascinating lectures

The lectures have been fascinating covering a broad theoretical framework. The lecturers are very professional and knowledgeable. They are approachable and most importantly passionate about their areas of study which helps make our work load more manageable.

The course is challenging as there is a lot of work and reading to be done. Most of the modules focus on the organisational theory and academic research as well as on the practical side of learning and applying this knowledge to the workplace. What I find the most rewarding is the ability to manage human potential to achieve organisational objectives.

The residential

The residential was where I could use what I learnt applying my studies to the issues and conflicts that arose when working in teams. Having the opportunity to lead and reflecting on it later on in the process was absolutely fantastic. It was then when I realised how effectively the theories taught from lectures can actually work in real scenarios.

The residential was also great fun. It was an occasion to get to know other students and chat to the lecturers in a less formal manner.

My career

Studying alongside work I can observe, recognise and understand HR functions in practice. I believe that my job and my studies will be a great benefit to my future career.

I'd recommend Derby

I would definitely recommend studying a masters at Derby to anybody currently in employment. The broad scope of knowledge and practical skills gained from the course makes it a once in a life time experience.