Maria Lymboura - Postgraduate - University of Derby

Maria Lymboura, MSc Accounting and Finance

Why I chose Derby

Derby is one of the most amazing cities to live in and has everything you need as a student; shopping malls, night life and a lot of interesting places to visit in and around the city.

I decided to study in Derby because I knew that it would offer me many possibilities and great experiences as a student. The University of Derby is a modern university that continues to evolve and innovate and provides a very relaxed environment.

My highlights

Throughout my student life at Derby, I have made so many friends with people from all over the world some of which will stay friends with me for a lifetime.

The staff at the university are also very warm and friendly! They are patient and full of energy to teach you and provide you with help wherever you need it. They are enthusiastic and always help you in order to achieve the best for your future. 

Additionally, the student centre helps provide students with a lot of information and the staff there are always available to give you guidance and support throughout your studies. As an international student I have received a lot of help from the staff at the University and I always felt welcome.

Helping with my career progression

After I have finished my undergraduate and postgraduate courses at the University of Derby I became a senior accountant at an international company based in Cyprus. I then decided to move on and get more in-depth experience which relates to my course. I am now working for Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) in Cyprus, in the assurance department.

The University of Derby really helps its students with their future employability. Derby has given me full guidance of how to plan for my future and helped me to create a very interesting and rich C.V.

Changing me as a person

I must say that Derby has given me the advantage of having a successful life and the chance to be a stronger person. After finishing my courses at Derby, I became a much more confident and motivated person who wants a successful career. After receiving certain ACCA exceptions from my course in Derby, I am now ready to complete the ACCA in order to become a qualified accountant and a successful career woman.

"After finishing my courses at Derby, I became a much more confident and motivated person who wants a successful career."