Julie Blair-Park - Postgraduate - University of Derby


Derby Business School Student Profiles Julie Blair-Park

“The end result will enhance not just your knowledge, but your confidence and self-esteem”
– Julie Blair-Park

Julie Blair-Park is a HR manager at construction company Marley Eternit and she's studying the MBA part time. She's also a mother to three young children.

Becoming more strategic

I chose to take the MBA because I wanted to strengthen my ability to think strategically and commercially.

I wanted to do this through the support of a professional qualification, and one that would have the credibility that a University would bring.

Attracted by Derby's links with the CMI

I compared a number of universities, and chose Derby because of the following reasons:

  • I had confidence in the University personnel that I met
  • The programme content was right for me and my company, and at the right level.  
  • The offer was strengthened most definitely by the link to CMI which other universities did not offer.

A steep learning curve, but I've overcome it!

The most challenging aspect by far is thinking in a new way which involves critical evaluation, research and applying academia to every day situations. Plus finding my way around the library and understanding how to use relevant reference material.

This was all a huge learning curve which I have now overcome and the result is I am more confident as an individual.

The tutors have brought an academic way of thinking into my daily life which deepens my understanding of the subject matter more than, in my view, pure application would.

Balancing full time work, a family and the MBA

As a busy mother of three who works full time, deciding to take an MBA was a big decision!

But if there are people in a similar situation reading this now, I would say go for it! Remember that studying is primarily for you, no-one else, so make the most of the tutoring and studying time, appreciate it and enjoy it. 

At times it will feel like a real struggle, but the end result will enhance not just your knowledge, but your confidence and self-esteem - this spills over into personal life as well as working life and is a real positive. It's definitely worth it in the end!

Enjoying the commaraderie

I've learnt to ask for help - whether from the tutors, or my fellow delegates. People always want to help others, and together, as a unit, it becomes a very enjoyable experience.