Gavin Cooper - Postgraduate - University of Derby


Derby Business School Student Profiles Gavin Cooper

“I've felt privileged to have the opportunity to meet people from a diversity of national backgrounds during my year of study”
– Gavin Cooper

Gavin studied a Masters in Marketing.

Why Marketing at Derby?

After four years as Manager at a busy public house I was ready for a new challenge.

I chose a degree in marketing as I wanted something vocational and a course that would develop some of the skills I'd already learnt in the workplace.  Marketing also embraced my interest in sales, advertising and people and product management. 

I graduated with a first class and then applied for the Masters in Marketing as I felt this would take my marketing knowledge to the next level, and the management element of the course would equip me with valuable skills for my future career.

The course

The course has indeed proved challenging, however, I've enjoyed developing my marketing skills, in particular the emphasis on psychology and creativity.  I've had to learn quantitative techniques and study less familiar subjects, including Accounting, Statistics, Human Resources and Operations Management. I've developed new abilities in communication, leadership and time management, and have become more efficient as part of a team and as an individual.

The modules on the masters programme have encompassed a diverse range of challenges, and have been interesting, engaging and fun.

The highlights of the course have been numerous, the most significant being the residentialat Scalford Hall and my appointment as student academic representative.

Meeting new people

The tasks at the residential were both varied and challenging, and provided a useful vehicle to implement theories of management and communication in practice. The social aspect was also enjoyable. I was able to bond with my fellow students, and the food and service provided were excellent! 

I've felt privileged to have the opportunity to meet people from a diversity of national backgrounds during my year of study. This multinational element has also provided valuable insight in discussion of business practices across national boundaries.

Realising my ambition

My ambition is to be a marketing manager, and I'm particularly intrigued by advertising and consumer buyer behaviour. The masters course will help me in this ambition as it provides me with a holistic range of managerial skills, as well as a masters qualification. I'm relishing a return to the workplace for what will hopefully be a successful and prosperous career.

I'd recommend studying a Master degree at Derby to anyone who relishes a challenge, and wants to embrace cultural and national diversity in a friendly and exciting atmosphere. I've truly enjoyed it!