Alex Dorr - Postgraduate - University of Derby

Alex Dorr, MSc International Business

Combining the MSc International Business with a role as a professional basketball player was the springboard to career success for Alex Dorr. 

He has since drawn on his experience of both business and athletics to launch a pioneering training programme which keeps other sportspeople at the top of their game. 

Now working as a speaker, trainer and certified facilitator as part of the support team at Reality-Based Leadership in the US, Alex has founded a mental training programme aimed at helping athletes, coaches and sports organisations to transform their teams, mindsets and results.

 Alex originally arrived in Derby on a scholarship to play basketball for the Derby Trailblazers and the University’s own team, while completing his MSc. He describes the experience as “unbelievable” – the chance to gain fresh perspectives and seize new opportunities.

Derby’s approach to real-world learning was particularly important for him. He explains: “I really loved how a lot of our projects were about what companies could do to impact their situation and the ideas that they could bring to market to further their business development. Working on projects that actually had real meaning to companies was something I had not been able to do in the past.”

 Another major advantage was the approachability and support of the MSc teaching team. “They were very, very helpful when you needed guidance or direction. They were always very open and willing to meet.”

 Alex feels that his MSc not only set him apart in the job market but also gives him the edge when dealing with clients in his day-to-day work. “The biggest impact of my time at Derby has been the stories I can tell to people back in the States. It’s a real conversation starter and it sparks curiosity,” he enthuses. “It helps us to find common ground on taking chances and following your dreams.”

"My studies at Derby have clarified the direction I want to go with my career and what industries fit my skillset and interests. By giving us real world experience and projects in each industry, I was able to eliminate the markets and industries that are not something I want to pursue."