Industry experts who work with the University of Derby video transcript

Sarah Johnson, Rudding Park Hotel:

So we're here today looking for candidates from the University of Derby who want to fulfill a really long-term career in hospitality and have a really broad range of experience and skills so we can develop them further.

Lauren Baybrook, STA Travel:

We work with the students here at the University of Derby. They go abroad on a couple of different trips each year, and the focus is that their visits incorporate part of the course that they're studying, so enriching their studies here at the university.

The benefit to us as a company is the resource that it gives us working with the university. The students are getting a live project out of it, so they're seeing some value to the work that they're doing.

Mike Ashton, Travel Counsellors:

Internationally, we've got 1,900 different independent travel counsellors who sell unique, tailored travel packages as part of their own businesses.

The reason why we've chosen to work with the University of Derby is because they’ve got fantastic reputation of providing the travel industry with high calibre graduates.

Susanne Williamson, Nielson Travel:

We give our guests an array of activities, meaning we take staff that are qualified or looking to work in all sectors of our company, such as hospitality, water sports, wakeboarding, spa.

We come to Derby Uni because we get that. We get a full range of staff that are starting in this industry and are also finishing in the industry.

Steve Heap, Assoication of Festival Organisers:

We come to Derby University to work with students who are looking for positions in the festival business, and I encourage first-years to do as much voluntary work as they can in their first and second years, so that they've got some experience and some idea of which area of festival work they wanna get into.

Because we're a national organisation, I do come across quite a lot of event management courses, and the calibre of the lecturers is considerable and I think that's really valuable for the students.

Industry experts who work with the University of Derby video

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