Carl Harness

Neurin Dong Jak

Installation with digital projection

Every day we see the body move without thinking, this idea of movement without thought became the focus point of my work, looking at motions the body can make once it has been trained.

Martial arts provides not only a means of self-defence but a new understanding of how and why the body moves. After training TaeKwon-Do myself I began to become fascinated in how movement can be represented.

I began thinking about how knowledge of movement is gained and I began to see the link between the scientific approach of Muybridge and the science behind TaeKwon-Do.

Inspired by Muybridge I began to create work that focused on slowing movement down to see every detail and how it moves, it becomes not just a video of a kick but a video of complex bio-mechinical movements.

Neurin Dong Jak is a technical TaeKwon-Do term meaning slow motion which is incorporated into the learning of techniques.