Zero Balancing Bodywork training

Why choose this course?

‌Extend your professional skills through Zero Balancing Bodywork

  • The programme provides a focus for any health care worker who wishes to develop and mature the skills of Zero Balancing to a professional standard. Zero BalancingThe Certification Programme is run by the Zero Balancing Association UK in conjunction with Dr. Fritz Smith
  • You can join this programme leading to your recognition as a Certified Zero Balancer any time after you have finished your first Workshop
  • Membership of the Zero Balancing Association UK is open to all those who have completed a Zero Balancing Workshop. This provides ongoing contact with a community of like-minded practitioners from different disciplines who share a common language of touch
  • You can pace your progress to suit your individual needs and commitments within a period of three years. Further details of the Certification Programme are available on request from the Zero Balancing Association UK
  • Skills developed in the process of training in Zero Balancing, extend themselves well to reflexive researcher positioning in action research, and advanced levels of student learning
  • After learning Zero Balancing you could benefit a wide range of people in many ways. On one level, a session may improve body functioning, allowing relief of held tension and physical pains. On a broader level, it is particularly valuable in dealing with stress, and promotes and invites relaxation and the stilling of mind and body.
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