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For new perspectives on leadership in a world of collaboration, improvement and financial constraint join our workshops on 9, 10 & 24 July.

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Today's leaders and senior managers have proven themselves adept at maintaining customer value by driving improvement and efficiency within their organisations. Yet faced with a perfect storm driven by an uncertain economic outlook, unprecedented levels of public spending cuts and deep seated social, cultural and commercial challenges, there is recognition that organisations will need to further adapt and change if they are to survive and thrive.

Few organisations, whether public, private or voluntary, are unaffected by these drivers. Their leaders face similar, and often mutual, challenges in this increasingly interconnected world. Many are seeking to work together to address these challenges. As a result a more collegiate and collaborative approach to leadership is rapidly emerging.

University of Derby Corporate and Shared Service Architects have developed a suite of three inter-connected workshops incorporating a wide range of leadership tools and techniques to help you confidently lead beyond your organisational boundaries. The programme is specifically designed to accelerate the process of securing new collaborative opportunities and to deliver additional value-add through more effective partnership working.

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What's covered

The three interlinked rapid learning workshops will provide you a sound appreciation of collaborative leadership, covering:

Collaborative Advantage

This workshop will give you a comprehensive understanding of what a leader needs to do to build their organisations capacity to collaborate. The workshop will cover:

  • Assessing the Environment: Learn how best to interpret the collaborative landscape both internally and externally
  • Collaborative Agility: Exploring strategies, business models and vehicles for collaboration and improvement
  • Collaborative Advantage: Learn how to nurture a culture of collaboration within your organisation.

Collaborative Transformation

This workshop will equip you with the skills and insights to deliver 'system' wide value through better collaboration between organisations. The workshop will cover:

  • Leading with a Shared Purpose: Learn how to align organisations to a common purpose with high levels of trust and shared leadership.
  • Building Powerful Partnerships: Explore the options and models for successful inter-organisational collaboration.
  • Collaborative Transformation: Learn how best to jointly improve services to secure enhanced value.

Collaborative Engagement

This workshop will help leaders support community-based collaborations and encourage new thinking and service innovation. The workshop will cover:

  • Initiating Engagement: Learn about placed-based participatory leadership and collaborative engagement
  • Incubating New Ideas: Explore the concepts of co-production and new ways of working with the wider community
  • Collaborative Implementation: Learn how to develop community capacity so to 'make it real' on the ground.

Who should attend?


The workshops are ideally suited for board members, leaders and senior management team managers from all sectors (private, public and voluntary) seeking to improve their collaborative leadership repertoire.


The workshops can be tailored to provide organisations with an in-house programme to help support the leadership team develop their organisation's collaborative advantage.


The workshops can be tailored to support the leadership of a newly formed or established partnership with a shared development programme to support their collaborative transformation ambitions.

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The workshop runs regularly throughout the year please contact us for the next available dates.


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