MA Educational Leadership

Why choose this course?

If you want to embark on or advance a career within education leadership, this distinctive masters degree equips you with the high-level skills and critical understanding you need.  

  • Enhance your performance in your current or future professional role through a deeper knowledge of educational leadership
  • Build crucial research skills so that you can critically analyse ideas and evidence, engaging confidently in academic debate
  • Develop self-awareness to improve your reflectivity and reflexivity
  • Increase your capacity to engender a sense of power in others and help them fulfil their potential
  • Explore and challenge issues surrounding the changing educational landscape in both national and international contexts
  • Gain a thorough understanding of curriculum theory and models so that your leadership has a direct impact on learning
  • Consider how to lead change and improvements through performance management techniques, coaching strategies and effective communication in a digital age
  • Prepare for careers at a senior level not only within educational institutions but also with organisations such as academy chains, educational charities and government bodies
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