College of Engineering and Technology staff

Senior Lecturer in Motorsport engineering Dr. Tarek Jomaa talking to Sean Galvin during the open day in July 2018
Dr Tarek Jomaa
Senior Lecturer in Motorsport Engineering

Dr Tarek Jomaa is a lecturer in Motorsport Engineering

Professor Yong Xue
Head of Discipline (Computing)

Dr Yongjun Zheng
Lecturer in Computer Games Programming

Kevin Herbert
Lecturer in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Lecturer in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Anthony Gregory
Lecturer in Computer Games

Dr Tariq Abdullah
Research Fellow

Dr Asma Adnane
Senior Lecturer

Dr José-Manuel Andrade
Senior Lecturer in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Professor Ashiq Anjum
Professor of Distributed Systems

Dr Ovidiu Bagdasar
Senior Lecturer in Mathematics

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