Your guide to surviving Clearing

Choices available on results day

If you get better results than you were predicted, or you change your mind, UCAS offers the opportunity for you to reconsider your options. This is known as Adjustment and allows you to swap your course.

Adjustment is available from 18 August until 31 August.

You can find out more about Adjustment by visiting:

Our students say...

“The Clearing process was very smooth. The advisers I spoke to were very helpful and were happy to help and guide me through the process. They were very encouraging and this aided my decision to go through with the application when at first I was nervous and unsure.”

Kirsty Armstrong-Booth

Former University of Derby student

If you don't get the results you need

If your course requires more UCAS points than you achieved, you’ll have a number of options available. Firstly log onto UCAS Track to check your application status. Your chosen university may still offer you a place on your preferred course. If so, your UCAS Track status will change to ’unconditional’.

If your firm choice does not have a place for you on your preferred course, they may offer you an alternative. If so, your UCAS Track status will read ’changed course offer’.

You may be offered a place from your insurance choice. If this happens and you intend to enrol, confirm your place in UCAS Track (remember to update your student loan details).

If your firm or insurance choice does not offer you a place, it’s still worth enquiring with your chosen university. Give them a call, explain your situation and outline your key strengths. This may encourage them to reconsider.

Other choices

If you find that you narrowly miss out on a grade, you have options to get your paper re-marked (but remember that grades can go down as well as up).

If you have your heart set on attending a certain course at a specific university, you could consider taking a gap year. This would give you the option to re-sit some exams to attain the required grades.

Foundation courses available
If your UCAS points do not match the course requirements but you are keen to enrol on a certain course, it may be worth enquiring with universities to see if they offer a foundation year.

At the University of Derby you can choose to start on one of our foundation levels.

  • Year Zero - This route provides a smooth transition to degree studies
  • Foundation degrees and HND - Once complete you can transfer to the final year of a bachelors degree
  • Degrees with foundation year - If you don’t have the necessary formal qualifications you can choose a four-year course including a foundation year stage


Our Open Events have now passed, however if you have applied through Clearing and would like to have a look around the campus and accommodation, please email and we will arrange a suitable time for your visit.

Key tips during Clearing

Before results day get hold of the UCAS Clearing list by visiting UCAS Search and selecting the Clearing 2016 option. This facility is available from 1 July 2016 and will give you an opportunity to see what’s currently available (more choices will appear on results day).

On the day of your results you’ll notice the Clearing list being constantly updated. Remember to also visit university websites as they’ll publish their own lists.

Make sure you have important details close by before you begin contacting universities. You’ll need to have your UCAS number, exam results and your log-in details for Track.

You may also want to compile a list of questions to ask and have your personal statement to hand to answer any questions.

Once you have a list of universities you wish to contact, find a quiet place, take a deep breath and start calling. Try to remain calm and composed so you can really sell yourself! Ensure you take the details of anyone you speak to in case you need to contact them later.

If you receive a Clearing offer over the phone, make sure you get written confirmation of your conversation as well as the expiry date of the offer.

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