Feedback on the Student Centres - Student Centres - University of Derby

We welcome your feedback on our Student Centre service

We always encourage feedback on our services so that we can see where we are doing well, and where we can improve.  

You can give us feedback here

Here are some examples of the feedback we've received from our students this year:


"Service above and beyond what I had expected" (October 2017)

"Excellent Service, kept me in the loop throughout" (September 2017)

"Really efficient and professional, got sorted what I needed to and went above and beyond by emailing me a copy of the information I requested directly, rather than leaving it to another department or waiting for it to go live on my UDO account." (September 2017)

"Really easy to use and so convenient. Very helpful staff and quick to respond to emails. Excellent service!" (September 2017)

"Always helpful courteous and kind and always go that 'extra mile'" (August 2017)

"Really helpful and answered all my enquiries." (July 2017) 

"Every point of contact I've had with the team (and there have been many) has been fantastic.  I owe my progress within uni to this department and its great people" (March 2017)

"Not only did they resolve my issue, I came away feeling a lot happier too" (March 2017)

"Fantastic service whenever I have needed them they have always supported me and I have had my questions answered.  Thanks to the team for their fast responses and helpful attitude" (March 2017)

"Very helpful, even though I graduated 2 years ago they were still able to help" (February 2017)

"'Went out of their way to be helpful.  Very nice people and place to get help" (February 2017)

"The letter was done for me straight away and sent via email.  This was brilliant as I live away so it meant I didn't have to go into the Student Centre to pick it up" (January 2017)

"Always help with any issues" (January 2017)

"Very friendly and made their response personal.  Wishing me luck in my police application ... really nice of them" (January 2017). 

"The person I spoke to was absolutely lovely, I only asked them about some deadline extensions for this semester, but they are also providing me with help for next semester as well" (December 2016)