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Staying healthy

It is important while you are at university that you take care of yourself and stay healthy.

A poor diet, poor sleep pattern and lack of exercise will make you prone to becoming ill. If you are ill a lot, this will impact on your academic performance and you will also enjoy university less.

There are some basic things that you can do to stay healthy while at university-

Eat well - you can find tips on how to do this here

Sleep well - you can find tips on improving your sleep here

Exercise regularly - Information on the exercise you can do while at university is available here. Limit the number of hours you spend on the computer each day - spending many hours every day on a computer without a break is very bad for our health. Take a break every two hours and make sure you are doing other things every day (like walking or talking to friends in person), not just using your computer

Don't drink too much alcohol - many students drink while at university and it is good to enjoy yourself but don't overdo it. Click here for more information on alcohol . You can also get more information from here -