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Independant Living

If you choose to leave home to come to university, you will be living independently. It is important that you understand what this means and how you can prepare yourself for this.

Independent living means...

You will be responsible for deciding when you get up and go to bed, what and when you will eat, what you will wear, where you go to socialise and who your friends are. You will also be responsible for cooking your own meals, washing your clothes, cleaning and tidying where you live, travelling to and from university and managing your own finances.

Before coming to university it is important that you have thought about all of these things and are confident that you can manage them.


You can help yourself prepare by practicing some of these skills before you come to university, someone in your family may be willing to help you practice. If you don't already you should now

Practice cooking some meals - read our tips and recipes

Practice using a washing machine - the washing machine that you have at home will be different to the ones in halls but learning how to separate clothes and knowing how to find out the temperature as well as what detergent and conditioner to use will still be beneficial

Plan a budget for your spending and see if you can stick to it. Planning a budget for when you get to university can be useful too - finance information and budgeting tips

Start thinking about how you will structure your free time when you are at university - remember that you will need to plan your own study time, although this is something your support worker will be able to help you with.

Other essential skills to develop include food shopping, budgeting, cooking and cleaning.