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Budgeting tips

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We know it's not the most fun having to live on a budget but it really will make things easier for you. Students often run out of money towards the end of term and then have to really cut back at Christmas. If you budget in advance you will have better control of your finances and you'll have enough money to enjoy the whole of the term.

Budgeting tips

  • One of the best bits about being a student are the discounts loads of retailers offer you. You can ask in shops if student discounts are available as many do not advertise them.
  • Share costs with friends. Divide up the expenses, you don't need four of everything
  • You can also get together with friends to cook meals - cooking in bulk often helps to save the pennies. Check out the recipe section for some cheap and tasty ideas.
  • Printing costs add up so help your wallet and the environment by printing double sided.
  • Allow yourself "good time money"- if you know there is a concert you want to go to or a new CD out next week work it in to your budget.
  • Pay bills by direct debit or on-line, often there is a discount for doing so
  • If you travel a lot invest in a student travel card and where possible book up your trips in advance, you often get the cheapest tickets by doing so.
  • Look out for supermarket own brands and special offers at the supermarket. Make use of the loyalty schemes most supermarkets offer. It sounds really obvious but make a list and stick to it, this will help prevent you buying things you really don't need.
  • If you want to save money by giving up or cutting down on smoking, you can find advice and support by following the link www.gosmokefree.co.uk
  • You can save yourself a lot of money by applying for help with health costs. You can get a HC1 form from the common rooms at halls of residence in Derby, or the Student Wellbeing Centre, Ground floor T Block at Kedleston Road or in Clarendon House at Buxton.
  • If you can, transfer your student loan into a separate savings account to earn interest, and feed it into your student account as you need it
  • Choose cash machines that don't charge you. 
  • Finally if things are really difficult look into getting a part time job to help you out.


Click here to use an online budget planner to help you work out how you could organise your finances.