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How to request a thesis

What is a thesis?

A doctoral thesis is a long piece of writing based on the ideas and research conducted as part of a doctorate degree, i.e. a PhD, EdD or ProfDoc.

Many theses are directly obtainable from EThOS, the British Library's service for the delivery of PhD theses published by UK universities.

If you require a thesis, you can obtain it directly in electronic format to your PC desktop. 

EThOS Electronic Theses Online Service

Follow this pathway to use EThOS:

  • Go to the EThOS website and log on. On your first visit register for the service by completing a short web form.
  • Search for the thesis you require across a database of over 400,000+ titles
  • If the item has already been digitised by EThOS, it will be available free of charge for immediate download.
  • Click on the link to download the document. The item is delivered to your PC in a zip file. 
  • If the thesis hasn't yet been digitised, you can click on the link to order from print. Please note that a scan fee may apply.  Following your request for the title, the British Library will then seek to obtain it from its host institution, will scan it and place it on EThOS. Allow two to three weeks for this to take place and you will then be able to log on to access and download the item. 
  • Some titles are only available if you pay a digitisation fee.  This is currently £58.32.
  • If you are unable to find the thesis via EThOS, request the item using the Inter Library Loans service.

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