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Secure Electronic Delivery (SED)

Secure Electronic Delivery (SED)

Request articles using the Inter Library Loan Request Form but please note that that there is a non-refundable request charge for 2nd and 3rd year undergraduates.

Journal articles, requested at the British Library, are sent directly from to your email address.

You will need a username and password to open SED articles. Usernames are obtained by registering directly at the British Library. Register for your SED account here. You will receive a confirmatory email, but ignore the request to associate your account with the University of Derby. An SED registration guide may be viewed here  ILL SED Registration Guide

To view an SED article

  • When an article arrives in your inbox; use your British Library registered username and password to access the document.
  • If an article arrives, but you haven't yet registered at the British Library, you may do so following the instructions and links detailed within the incoming email.  It will be necessary to wait approximately five minutes for the registration process to complete, after which the document will become viewable.
  • SEDs will not open on other PDF readers. You may need to disable the PDF viewer in Google Chrome.
  • Please note that registration is between you and  the British Library; the registration service is not provided by the University of Derby.
  • FileOpen will need to be maintained on your PC only to view SED Documents downloaded on or before 31 August 2015.

Further SED information

  •  When you have opened the article, ensure all pages are present and correct
  •  Print a single copy immediately within thirty days of receiving the email
  •  Save the article within thirty days of its receipt.  If it has not been 'automatically' saved, do so by clicking ' File>Save As'.
  •  Saved articles should be available for up to three years
  •  If you fail to print or save within thirty days of receipt, you may re-request as part of your ILL allowance.  Charges will continue to apply for undergraduates (Yrs 2 and 3 only)
  • Frequently asked questions about SED may be viewed here

Adobe Reader 10 

  • If you are experiencing difficulties as an off-campus reader using Adobe Reader 10 to print SED requests, you may need to adjust your local Adobe Reader settings:
  • Open Adobe Reader 10 and then go: Edit > Preferences > General Screen.  Look for 'Enable protected mode at start up'  and make sure that this tick box is 'unticked' / OK / Re-boot your PC. Printing should now be enabled.


For more information, please contact the Library Enquiry Service 01332 501215 and



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