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Using the Library

We aim to provide access to resources which will help you with your studies in a supportive and flexible environment.

What we provide

This section of our site is about the basics of using the Library. A range of services and facilities are available to students and visitors. The Library also provides additional services to users with disabilities.  You should always carry your student ID card, and not allow your card to be used by other people.

We hope you enjoy your time in the Library and remember Library staff are here to help so please ask us if you need any assistance.

Suggest a book for your studies

We invite you to suggest a book for your studies. Just send an email to with the:

  •  Details of the book.
  • Your name, student number, programme and email address.
  •  Site where you’d like the book to live, or whether you’d prefer an e-book, if it’s available.

We will do our best to buy the book for the Library and let you know when it comes in. If we are unable to obtain the book, we’ll let you know.

Help and Support

We've a help and support section for any support you need using some of our services and also for details on getting in touch with your Subject Librarian.

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