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Time management

When successful time management can be very rewarding and makes for good practice for moving into the work place.

Time can sometimes seem to slip away when you have a lot to of things to manage. This could involve family, friends, work or just juggling too many assignments at the same time. Sometimes you need to prepare.  You can prepare in many different ways:

  • Keeping an hourly, daily or weekly diary
  • Making lists
  • Giving yourself targets and rewarding yourself when you meet them
  • Take 5 minutes before you begin work to make a plan of what you expect to complete in that time
  • Block out other distractions e.g. switch off your phone, log out of your email, put up a ‘do not disturb’ sign

List of resources

Time Management Sheets:

Week broken into hours

Time management matrix (urgency)

Further help

University of Derby students can access further information on academic writing on our Blackboard module - Improve your academic writing.

Study Advisor Scheme

As part of our study skills services we provide help with essay structure, dissertation preparation and time management. To request a study advisor please visit us on the lower floor of Kedleston Rd library, or book an appointment online.

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