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Study Advisor Scheme

The Study Advisor Scheme is a mentoring scheme; students help other students to improve their study skills.

Academic work is not always easy. If you are struggling with the work or simply want to improve your grades the Study Advisor Scheme might be appropriate for you. It is a mentoring service provided by the University for their current HE students.

Who can use the service?

Any student within Derby University enrolled on a HE course.

Who are the Study Advisors?

The Study Advisors are current students that have been trained to give you advice and guidance on your study skills. They will do this by sharing their experiences as a student and develop your transferable skills through discussion and exercises.

How do these sessions work?

You will meet with your study advisor on a 1-to-1 basis. In the first session you will discuss your expectations of the service and decide what you want to address in your sessions. You can arrange to meet with your study advisor for a maximum of 8 hours during your time at the university.

Who will know about me using this service?

Your discussions with your study advisor will remind confidential. Only you, your study advisor and the scheme coordinator will know that you are seeing a study advisor.

How do I arrange to see a Study Advisor?

There are a few ways to arrange to see a Study Advisor:

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