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Reading and note taking

Reading and note taking

Making notes when you’re reading and when you’re in lectures are very important. Writing your notes in your own words helps you to understand the topic and helps when using them for future reference.

Tips for note taking:

  • Find your own style:
    • Written next to PowerPoint slides
    • Creating headings and subheadings
    • Using note cards
    • Recording the lecture (ask permission beforehand)
    • Taking photographs (ask permission)
    • Share your note taking responsibilities with your friends. Discuss which section each of you are going to focus on beforehand.
    • Swap notes and compare after your lecture/note making from the same book
    • Make sure you will understand your notes by rephrasing what was said (unless taking a direct quote)

List of resources

How to Become a Masterful Note-Taker

The Ultimate Note-Taking Guide

University of Leicester note taking guide

Further help

University of Derby students can access further information on academic writing on our Blackboard module - Improve your academic writing.

Study Advisor Scheme

As part of our study skills services we provide help with essay structure, dissertation preparation and time management. To request a study advisor please visit us on the lower floor of Kedleston Rd library, or book an appointment online.

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