Disability History Month - November - University of Derby

Disability History Month 22 November – 22 December

This year the theme is ‘Language and Disability’. The focus is on the language used throughout history to describe disabled people in literature and in the media and the language disabled people use to express themselves.

Interrogating the past can help to teach us how we can achieve full and equal rights in society for disabled people.

Visit the UK Disability Month Website to find out about their resources and events across the country.

Book a place for the Disability History Month talk to be held at Kedleston Road on 9 November.

If you would like to find out more about Disability History we have a number of books in the University library  (this list is only a sample of what we have available - use the Library Catalogue to find more).  You could also try searching in LibraryPlus or Discover using keywords ‘disability AND history AND language’ for example.

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