Financial Analysis Made Easy - February - University of Derby

FAME (Financial Analysis Made Easy)

For all those students looking for information about small and medium sized UK companies the Library now has access to FAME (Financial Analysis Made Easy)

This database covers UK & Irish Companies with a turnover of at least £1.5 million or profits of £150,000. You can compare groups of companies and show your results graphically. You can access the database via the Business Subject Guides under the ‘Key Subject Resources’ tab. 

Using FAME you can:
• Assess a company’s financial strength
• Find companies that match your profiles using size, industry and location; you can combine hundreds of criteria
• Find all companies in the same corporate “family” and look at complex organisational structures in clear diagrams. This unique data set includes international and domestic ownership information
• Compile a detailed picture of a company that includes background information, financial history plus relevant news, M&A deals and rumours
• Analyse a company in relation to its peers
• Show your results graphically to help you interpret and display your research
• Monitor companies and peer groups you’re interested in using FAME’s flexible alerts
• Export your results for analysis or business development projects
• Plug FAME data into your own database, CRM system or spreadsheet so you know more about your clients and prospects
• Compare groups of companies against each other

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