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Devonshire Library (Buxton)

Is there easy access to the Devonshire Library at the Buxton Campus?

The Devonshire Library is on the ground floor of the Dome. It has easy, level access throughout.

Are there any accessible toilets?

Accessible toilets are nearby in the Dome.

What computers and assistive software are available?

There are computers, printers and scanners available.  All computers have:-

  • TextHelp Read & Write software - reads aloud pages of text (web pages, word documents, PDF files). Useful for people who find it difficult to read large quantities of text online, The 'Speak as I Type' function is useful as a proof-reading tool when typing in Word.
  • MindGenius - mind-mapping software that helps you capture, visualise and manage your ideas and information. It's useful for organising your ideas, planning, essay preparation and revising. It suits learners with a visual learning style.  
  • Vu-Bar - an on-screen, slotted reading ruler. Useful for those with dyslexia, when reading a lot of text.
  • Windows 7 with its own inbuilt assistive features

Also available:-

  • Inspirations mind-mapping software.
  • One height adjustable workstation. 
  • Jaws and Zoomtext are installed on one computer.

What assistive accessories can I use in the Devonshire Library?

The following equipment is available on request:-

  • A Text Viewer to allow reading of printed materials on a screen in an enlarged format
  • Coloured reading sheets and reading rulers
  • Footrests
  • Keyboard and mouse wrist rests
  • Document holders
  • Antiglare screens
  • Ergonomic chairs which provide extra support and flexibility.

What assistive equipment can I borrow?

The following equipment is available for loan by students with Support Plans.  You will need a form completed by a disability advisor from the Student Wellbeing Service if you are an HE Degree student, or by the Top-Up Zone if you are an FE college student.

Equipment includes:-

  • Laptops (with ZoomText software installed).  
  • Digital Voice Recorders, Dictaphones and a Minidisc recorder.
  • Electronic dictionaries.
  • Digital Camera.  

What photocopying facilities are there?

There is a coin-operated photocopier in the Devonshire Library.  Materials can be enlarged or copied onto coloured paper - please ask a member of staff if you need help with this.

What facilities are there for users with hearing aids?

There is an Induction Loop on the Devonshire Library Front Desk for users with a hearing aid. This is portable and can be moved to any of our Library Help Desks on request.

In addition there are three portable induction loops which lecturers can borrow for use in classrooms

Who can I contact for more information about the Devonshire Library?

Tim Stubbs 

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