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Journals with RSS feeds

AES Audio Engineering Society

On the homepage under the search box at the top on the right hand side you will see  AES News Feed. Click on this and select the feeds you want.

BioMed Central

To receive open access latest articles scroll half way down the homepage until you see the RSS icon. Copy this link to your feed reader. You can also select the journal you are interested in from the A_Z list. is on the journal homepage.

British Nursing Index.

This is part of Ebsco host. You will need to sign in to My EbscoHost and create your feeds from within there.

BMJ Journals Online

At the BMJ home page scroll down the page and in the box on the right you will see  . Right click on here to copy the link to paste into your reader.

Cambridge Journals

On the home page on the left is a section 'Browse journals'. Click on RSS/Atom feeds. Select the journal(s) you are interested in from the A-Z list and on the journal homepage right click on the RSS link, copy the link and paste into your reader.

CSA Illumna

This includes:

Ante, ASSIA, British Humanities Index, DAAI: Design and Applied Arts Index, National Criminal Justice Reference Service Abstracts, Social Services Abstracts, Sociological Abstracts, Worldwide Political Science Abstracts

To access the RSS feed you need to register . At the top right hand side of the screen you will see 'Log into My Research' Click on this, set up your account and then  perform a quick search , set up an alert and save as RSS.

Economic & Social Data Service (ESDS).

Click News under the header and scroll down the next page to ESDS newsfeed. Clicking this will take you to your feed reader, or you can copy and paste the link to your reader.


Register to use the personal services at Highwire. Go to alerts then select RSS for alphabetical list of journals providing RSS links. Copy and paste the RSS link to your reader.


On the home page click 'browse publications'. Either select the subject area of interest, then browse the titles for one you are interested in or select from the list of publishers. A next to a title identifies one which we subscribe to.  For the title you wish to link to, go to the journal page and right click to copy the link.


At the top of the home page you will see Digital Library RSS Feeds. You can choose the feeds that you wish to receive . We only subscribe to 5 of these titles as full text.

Lippencott Williams & Wilkins

On the home page click on the eAlerts tab.

 You will then need to register for an eTOCs account..


On the home page click on RSS feed and follow the instructions.

New England Journal of Medicine

Under the banner is a box in which it says 'Free NEJM e-TOC'. Click on this and follow instructions.

New Scientist

The RSS link is by the search box at the top of the home page. Click on this to go to the RSS feeds page . Select the feeds you want from the list on this page.

New Statesman

Scroll down the home page. Under tools and services on the right you will see RSS. Click this to go to the RSS page. Follow on screen information and instructions.

Oxford University Press

Select the title(s) you are interested in from the OUP list. On each Journal homepage, half way down on the right there is the xml link, 'XML RSS feed ', right click and copy the link into your reader.

Royal Society of Chemistry

On the home page click on 'Journals, books and publishing'. On the right hand side you will see RSS feeds under 'Popular activities'. You can choose the feeds that interest you from this page.

SAGE Publications

Need to browse journal title list for the ones of interest. There is a on each journal homepage.


Select the journal(s) your are interested in for the journal page and then copy the link  from the right hand side of the Journal page.


On the Springer home page select 'Alerts' from the left hand column. Once you have registered hover over the content type list and then look for the RSS icon on the journal(s) you are interested in.

Symposium Journal -
Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood

You can have an rss link to this title or an RSS link to most recent issues of Symposium journals.

The University of Chicago Press

Full instructions can be found at their RSS page


Full instructions can be found at their alerts page

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