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There are lots of things to do when you are at University and lots of new people to meet. For many new students this can be a daunting experience.

It can be difficult to leave the security of family and friends. When going to university, students often must leave, or give up, one group (of family and friends) then accommodate and learn about a new group. Whilst this can also be exciting you should be careful not to make decisions too hastily.

Before committing to any one group or trend, take your time getting to know other students, investigating different activities and deciding what makes you feel most comfortable. There are a lot of changes in friendship groups during the first year - this is normal. The university is a large place, take your time and follow these tips and you will find the right friends for you.

Be patient. Some people are lucky and meet their best friend for life on their first day here. But that isn't what happens for most students. Give yourself the chance to get used to university and to meet lots of new people.

Explore new interests:

  • Go to the freshers fair and join the clubs and societies that interest you - they're a great way to meet like minded people. If you don't find a society that matches your interests you can start your own.
  • Go to some of the events that are taking place during Freshers Fortnight.
  • Go to a Fairtrade lunch at the Chaplaincy
  • Organise a meal in your flat house to get to know your new flatmates better

Prioritise. No one can do everything. When students narrow their focus they often feel less overwhelmed. Finding a passion is one of the most exciting aspects of the university experience.

If you are struggling to fit in, help is at hand from the Student Union Advice Centre, the Student Wellbeing Service or the Chaplaincy.

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