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Raising concerns

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It is not unusual for the university to receive calls from parents raising concerns or making complaints on behalf of children who are studying with us. Unfortunately, because you are an adult and our relationship is with you, we cannot act on these calls.

If you have concerns or are unhappy with something that is happening at university, you must raise these concerns yourself. We are always keen to address any concerns or problems that our students have and you should not feel that you cannot speak to us.

If you do not feel able to raise your concern without support you can find this from the Student Union Help and Advice Centre. The Source is staffed by professional advisers who know the university and its systems very well and can provide excellent advice and assistance.

Here are some tips on raising a concern:

  • Try to identify the most appropriate person to speak to, if you aren't sure who is the most appropriate person your tutor, hall manager, Student Liaison Officer or the Student Union can help you
  • Write your concern down before speaking to someone. This will help you to be clear on what exactly it is that is causing the concern
  • Have some idea about what you would like to see happen. It may not be possible but knowing what you want will help the member of staff find an alternative solution
  • Don't make it personal. You may well be angry about something and it is perfectly ok to let the member of staff know this. But sticking to factual things that have gone wrong and how they have affected you, will be more likely to lead to a good outcome
  • Do listen to what the member of staff says to you and repeat it back to them to make sure you have understood them correctly. If you both have the same understanding you are more likely to reach a resolution
  • If you are still unhappy read the university complaints procedure and follow the procedures that it sets out.