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Online study

Invitation to enrol

You will be sent an instruction (to your personal email account) inviting you to enrol online, which will include your username and password. Returning students will be sent an invitation to their Unimail account.

Your username will always be your student ID number and your password will consist of two upper case letters, four lower case letters and two numbers (eg ABcdef99). Returning students can use their existing password – or use the Password Manager reset facility if your current password isn't working.

Module selection

When you enrol, you will need to choose your modules from suggested study patterns designed for standard and accelerated rates of study. This information will be emailed to you prior to receipt of the invitation to enrol instruction. If you have already completed enrolment for the current academic year but you wish to add/amend your module choices, please contact your Online Learner Advisor who will assist.

Don't try to enrol until you have received this information.

Online enrolment

  • Once logged in, familiarise yourself with the instructions on the ‘Welcome’ page then commence with your enrolment.
  • On the ‘Declaration’ page, click on the Terms & Conditions to view these in more detail (ensure that your pop-ups are enabled as this will open in a new window). You will need to close this down before ticking the box to accept them.
  • Next there will be a sequence of screens you must check in order to ensure that your details are correct.
  • If you need to update your programme details please contact your Online Learner Advisor before proceeding any further.
  • At the ‘Course List’ page you'll be asked to select each of your modules individually. If you can't see the module (or trimester) you need, contact your Online Learner Advisor for guidance. Your module choices can be reviewed at the confirmation stage.
  • Finally, you'll be shown a summary of your registration. Please ensure this is correct before making an online payment. For other ways to pay, please go to


After you have enrolled we will send you a confirmation of enrolment email, which will provide you with access to your Student Portal, the gateway to all your online learning requirements. Here you will also find useful information to support you in studies as an online student, including student orientation, regulations, study skills and much more.

If you don't complete enrolment you could be withdrawn from the University, so please contact us if you're experiencing any problems.